Feltham Community News

The Feltham Community group started on Facebook back in 2012/2013 and has now grown to over 9000 people who are interested in the news and events for the local area. This website has been created to support that group, and to provide some facilities that Facebook doesn’t give us. The main page of the site will focus on news and local information, with links to other sites and the various Facebook groups that we run! Please feel free to contact us with any content that you think we might want to share with local residents.

Please Bear With Us!

We are just in the process of relaunching this site, and so we have a limited amount of content currently. Over coming days we will increase the information available on the site so please come back to the site again soon.

3 Bikes Removed from Feltham Pond

These three bikes were removed from Feltham Pond yesterday (Sunday 22nd July). Only the pink one had any security markings. All 3 bikes were collected by the local Feltham Police team who will be trying to find their...